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The role has also been created to improve the cultural understanding of an often misunderstood group of people.

A dedicated community development worker has been employed to improve connections with the Roma people in Liverpool.

The Romas live predominantly in the Picton, Kensington and Fairfield areas and have struggled to relate to the outside community.

The role has been created to act as a bridge between Romas and their neighbours and has been jointly funded by Liverpool City Council and Riverside housing trust.

Alexandra Bahor, 28, is managed by Granby Toxteth Community Development Trust, and has been working in neighbourhoods since June this year.

As a Roma woman, she has built up the trust of a community whose members may have fled discrimination and persecution in their native countries of Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

As well as working directly with Roma people, many of whom struggle to connect with non-Roma neighbours because of language and cultural differences, Ms Bahor is working with the wider community to increase understanding of Roma history, traditions and ways of life.

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