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This consortium wants to develop a project to promote the integration of Roma people in education and other measures to increase the participation and the attainment levels of Roma learners in education and training.

This European project aims to promote the integration of Roma people in lifelong learning, encouraging screening, promotion and development processes of Roma leaders in educational issues to mediate among their peers and get new models of behavioural changes flattering for their inclusion (Europe 2020 – Fighting poverty and social exclusion and reducing the rates of early school leaving).

We aim to design a participatory process with an innovative methodology, which, taking advantage of dynamic workshops and new pedagogical techniques will create observatories for detecting leaders, who will disseminate their knowledge in subsequent workshops for young Roma, supporting them to continue on a Lifelong Learning process and avoiding early school drop-out.

With all this, we aim to generate a change in Roma learners, who have a high degree of school absenteeism, to start a process of development and individual training, eliminating internal and cultural barriers and culminating in their own empowerment, while, at the same time, they will be reference points and models for change within their own community.