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Segregation of Roma children in the education system, discrimination of people with disabilities and other human rights’ issues in Slovakia were on agenda of Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, who recently visited Slovakia. The chronic, pervasive segregation of Roma children in the education system and high rates of school drop-out are matters of serious concern. On the disability front, the Commissioner welcomes the domestic legal framework against discrimination on the grounds of disability, including the ongoing legislative reform which aims to put an end to the system of plenary guardianship for persons with psycho-social and intellectual disabilities as of July 2016. But, about the adoption in 2011 of the Slovak national strategy and action plan for the deinstitutionalisation of social care services, the Commissioner is concerned that no concrete time frame has been established for the finalisation of this process. The authorities should speed up the transition from institutional to community-based services.

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