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Alexandre Nevski

5th RLL meeting in Sofia (Bulgaria)

The 5th meeting of the RLL Project will be celebrated in Sofia on 16-17 july 2015. GENERAL AIMS OF THE MEETING WP. 1 PROJECT MANAGEMENT. FFF WP. LEADER Results of the PROGRESS REPORTS; Where do we need to improve? DISSEMINATION...


4th RLL meeting in Pireaus (Greece)

The 4th meeting of the RLL Project took place in Pireaus on 12-13 february 2015. GENERAL AIMS OF THE MEETING WP. 3 “Design of Learning Outcomes”; ODIP WP. Leader. Results of the validation process performed by each partner about the L.O. proposal....


1st RLL meeting in Bilbao (Spain)

The 1st transnational meeting of the RLL Project took take place in Bilbao on 29-30 january 2014. GENERAL AIMS OF BILBAO´s MEETING To fix the Transnational Partnership and the Management group of the Project To present the ROMA LEARNING LEADERS proposal as it...