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Vilnius Municipality on Tuesday approved an integration plan for the Lithuanian capital’s Roma residents.

The plan aims to relocate residents from the city’s Roma settlement to homes in other parts of the city over a long-term period.

The main aim of the program is to fight drug dealing, plus integrate Roma families into the local community by helping them finding employment and have their children attend schools.

A rehabilitation program is planned for the Roma settlement’s drug addicts.

Vice-Mayor Gintautas Paluckas said that Vilnius municipality aims to move 40 families and all 94 pre-school children out of the settlement within three years.

According to results of the latest census of 2011, Lithuania’s Roma community included about 2,100 persons.

The Vilnius settlement is the largest area in the Baltic states in terms of the density of Roma nationals.

Up to 400 persons currently live in Vilnius’ Roma settlement, including about 100 children.

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