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STRASBOURG, April 27– In order to battle pervasive stereotypes against the Roma community, the European Commission organized a seminar titled “For Roma With Roma” in Strasbourg on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This two-day seminar assembled accredited journalists from European institutions or coming from member states of the EU, members of local authorities and representatives of NGOs working on Roma integration.

The Roma community represents up to 10 percent of the population in some member states of the European Union (EU).

According to representatives of the European Commission, the objective of the event was to give journalists the opportunity “to tell a different story of the Roma and to that demonstrate their desire is above all to integrate themselves and to have successful lives in the countries where they have chosen to settle.”

The event is also attempting to change the negative image of the Roma community in letting journalists discover a different reality than those usually spread by the media.

“From the beginning, the idea didn’t come from the European Commission, but from young Roma themselves,”  explained Ann Hyde, the project’s organizer.

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