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A COLOURFUL dance troupe want to challenge perceptions about Polish Roma community by sharing old traditions in their new homeland.

FOR the Polish gypsy women who have made their home in Scotland, music is as precious as breathing.

Every week in a church hall in Glasgow, thousands of years of Roma tradition come alive in the vibrant and colourful dance troupe of Romane Cierhenia.

There are 10 in the group, which in English means Roma Stars, and the hall is filled with chatter and laughter as the women catch up and plan their next dance.

Mania Michalewicz, 24, said: “Music cleans our hearts. We breath with the music. It is like fresh air. It makes us feel alive. It makes us happy and we forget about everything else.”

It is a family affair and the women are all related, as cousins, daughters or sisters-in-law. Their male partners play the music and their children dance and play.

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